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Швейцария Швейцария. Референдум 16 мая 2004

1st provision: Voters will be asked to approve a revision of the country�€™s state pension system In order to guarantee payments from the state pensions fund despite changes in the demographic situation, the Swiss government and Parliament argue that savings must be made in specific areas. The 11th revision of the state pensions scheme includes raising the retirement age to 65 for women, decreasing widows�€™ pensions as well as funding the pensions fund by value added tax (VAT). With the additional VAT revenues, financing the pensions fund is to be guaranteed until 2015. The referendum on the issue was initiated by the Swiss Trade Union Federation. ( http://www.electionguide.org/election.php?ID=228)


3rd provision: Tax reforms The tax reforms include a reduction in taxes for married couples, families and home owners as well as a reduction in stamp duty. The reforms would lead to a drop in tax revenues of 4.3 billion Swiss Francs. The referendum was initiated by more than 50,000 citizens as well as a number of cantons. (http://www.electionguide.org/election.php?ID=228)


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