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Bolivia Bolivia. Vote of Confidence Referendum, 2008

Confidence in President Evo Morales

Yes No
Total 67.43% 32.57%
Chuquisaca 53.88% 46.12%
La Paz 83.27% 16.73%
Cochabamba 70.90% 29.10%
Oruro 83.00% 17.00%
Potosi 84.87% 15.13%
Tarija 49.83% 50.17%
Santa Cruz 40.73% 59.27%
Beni 43.72% 56.28%
Pando 52.50% 47.50%

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  1. GeoZelle | Aug 16, 2008 | Reply

    Why do you have Pando AND Sta. Cruz posted Wrongly ?

    You’ve reversed the results for those 2.

    I’m assuming it’s only an error on your part.

    I you do not know – (and that may be the case, as i’ve only just briefly scanned your “about” page & it appears your site is global in scope & therefore not partisan (?)) -this is a hotly contested campaign, that is very far from over. Those 2 provinces (called ‘departments’) comprise one-Half of a zone that is effectively attempting to liberate themselves from the harsh rule of the central govt. The zone of 4 provinces are very united in their cause, and their civic leaders & populations work very closely together.

    Just as in the case of Georgia, Russia & the Caucasus – the Western Media understands little of the underlying story, and therefore presents, at best, an incomplete picture, and more often, a very unbalanced one. (whether intentionally or not)

  2. GeoZelle | Aug 16, 2008 | Reply

    On the 4th line above, it should read:
    ” *IF* you do not know…”

    (There’s no edit function to correct – sorry for the extra post)

  3. Alex Kireev | Aug 18, 2008 | Reply

    Thanks for the catch! I corrected the results for Santa Cruz. But Morales won Pando.

    As for the Western media coverage of the events in Bolivia, are you sure there was enough coverage to speak of a bias?

  4. GeoZelle | Aug 20, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Alex,
    Appreciate your correcting – and your comments.
    And your’e right about Pando – it can be confusing even to those closely following: The election was actually 2 items, each (ostensibly) designed to show public desire in 1 direction or another.
    What the people did in some cases (like Pando) was to confuse pollsters & media further, by voting sometimes for what seems like opposite directions.

    The 2 items were:
    1.) National President – reject or support?
    2.) Regional Governor – reject or support ?

    In those autonomous-minded regions where the leaders strongly opposed the national one, it would seem obvious that if they receive strong support, the National would suffer, and yet, in 2 cases (like Pando) it did not. (though it’s nearly a tie)

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