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Germany Germany. Legislative Election 1912

Parties and Seats:

Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) 110
Centre Party
(Zentrum – Political Catholics) 91
National Liberal Party
(NL – National Liberals, right wing Liberals) 45
German Conservative Party
(DKP – Conservatives) 43
Progressive People’s Party
(FVP – Liberals, left wing Liberals) 42
(P – Polish Deputies in Posen, West Prussia and Upper Silesia) 18
Free Conservative Party
(DRP – Conservative Nationalists) 14
(A – Lorrainian and Alsatian regionalists in Alsace-Lorraine) 9
German-Hanoverian Party
(DHP – Hanover regionalists) 5
(AS – Anti-Semites) 3
Peasant’s Parties
(BL – Bund der Landwirte, etc.) 7
Independent 2
(D – Danish Deputy in Northern Schleswig) 1
Total 397

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